How to get portal 1 for free

how to get portal 1 for free

How to Download and Install Portal 1 for Free ! . +Tê Abreu That is also why when you use cheats you. design for fucktard like ceo and developers decided force people to upgrade to horrible shit operating system. Yesterday I was looking In the store at the Portal page and It said I already had this game. I download it and saw It was the full game.


How To Get Portal 1 For Free! Mist Harvey Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Zuletzt bearbeitet von Alex ; If you're planning on playing the full game then I would contact Steam Support and ask them to fix this issue. Portal 1 has been given for free a couple of times now, I paysafecard per telefonrechnung. Around May there was a promotion that allowed Steam users to get Portal for free.

How to get portal 1 for free - dicht

Any reason why It's on my account as I swear I havent brought and and I'm pretty sure nobody brought It for me. Startseite Diskussionen Workshop Markt Übertragungen. Beiträge 1 — 7 von 7. For some reason it's saying you have the full game instead of the demo. If you click on Account Details it will show a list of all of the licenses that you own on Steam, if "Portal - Complimentary Opt In " appears on the list then you got it from that. To be sure, go into the Steam client and at the top there will be a link for your account.

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