Atlantica online quick slot

atlantica online quick slot

However there are also other things you can do with items in your inventory such as wear them, split into different slots, destroy the item or even register a Quick. Shortcut Keys (Atlantica). Share Atlantica Online Wikibase™. Guides F1 - F5, Use Quick Slot Item. 1 - 9, Select Mercenary. Ctrl + 1 - 9. Which kind of skill you will put into which part/ slot in the quick bar so that you can use skills Main MMO: Atlantica Online and Mythos Global.


TESO quick slot inventory glitch fix atlantica online quick slot Inventory is the place you keep your stuff. Quote Reply Delete Modify Report 3. How to fix and dismantle an item. New games with the hottest flash-based graphics are added monthly. What is the secondary password? There could be many reasons why your running spiele is choppy.

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